The Mighty Sound of Maryland FAQ

How do you register for MSOM?

You register for MUSC229F and MUSC229G if you are a wind player. For UMDrumline members, Color Guard and Twirlers you need to register for MUSC229F and MUSC229I. Dance Team members should register for MUSC 229F and MUSC 229K.  The MSOM Commitment Form must be submitted by JULY 31st and you can register for the course sections at your orientation!

Do I have to know how to play an instrument to be a part of MSOM?

Not if you are interested in Color Guard or Dance Team. However, previous experience on woodwinds, brass, or percussion is required for those sections.

Do I need marching experience to join MSOM?

No! High school marching experience is not required. In fact many students who enter having never marched have great success because they dont need to relearn any marching fundamental techniques.

Do I have to be a music major to join MSOM?

No!  Nearly every major on campus is represented in our membership - Music Majors make up only about 3% of the band.  Most students in the band come from either the College of Engineering or the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences.

Can students in Freshman Connection or a Living Learning Program still join MSOM?

Yes, all students in Freshman Connection or a Living Learning Program (i.e. Scholars or Honors) are able to join marching band and most can incorporate it into their schedule. Contact the Office of Extended Studies for more details on how to join MSOM as a Freshman Connection student.

Are there any special auditions required?

The UMDrumline, Dance Team, and Twirlers are auditioned sections of the band. Dance Team and Twirler auditions take place during the spring semester — please visit the Maryland Dance Team website for the most up-to- date information. UMDrumline auditions are usually held prior to the Early Week camp. For 2020, UMDrumline auditions will take place on Saturday, August 22nd from 9am-9pm.

For woodwind and brass players, auditions for part assignments are held on the first day of Early Week.

Do I have to have my own instrument?

Instruments are provided to students except for clarinets and alto saxophones.

Does MSOM have a front ensemble?

Not currently. We encourage members with front ensemble experience to either audition for UMDrumline or join another section (this happens quite frequently and these members tend to fit in well). Percussionists with front ensemble experience are also encouraged to check out the University Band (MUSC 229U).

How do I get involved in UMDrumline?

For 2020, UMDrumline Auditions are held just before Early Week on Saturday, August 22nd from 9am-9pm at The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. Anyone interested in auditioning is encouraged to attend our Spring/Summer Drum Days - April 18th, June 20th, and July 18th. Details for these days as well as the 2020 Audition Packet is posted on the UMDrumline website. For more information contact, or follow MSOM on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @MightySoundofMD.

How do I know if I have been accepted into MSOM?

If you are a wind player or Color Guard member, the submission of your MSOM Commitment Form and your course registration confirms your acceptance. Drumline, Dance Team, & Twirlers are accepted through their respective audition processes. You will receive a member information form at the beginning of July - it provides necessary information for the Band Staff.

Can I still join if I have a class with a conflicting time?

Yes! We are happy to work with you if you have a required course for your major that conflicts with MSOM.  You need to make sure that you have explored all options to minimize the conflict, but generally if the course is required for your major, there is only one section that must be taken in the Fall, and the total time conflict is under 2 hours a week, youll be allowed to participate in the Band.  Register for the course that conflicts with band first, then well look into adding the marching band section that conflicts during Early Week.

How many shows do you learn during the season?

We learn a different show with new music and drill for each of our six home games.

Do you travel with the football team?

MSOM travels to one away game each season with the football team! We also play at bowl games and home games held at local NFL stadiums.

Is there a Band Camp?

Yes! The week before classes start (August 23rd - August 29th), we host the MSOM Early Week. During this week, youll learn drill, music, and your way around campus with all the members of the band. Youll be allowed access to move in to your dorms a week early, and really become a part of the MSOM family. More information about early week will be sent out in the following months.

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